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Hello Sir, first of all I would like to thanks for the blog Dreams are Powerful, because the dreaming is the one where we imagine the thing which are very difficult to achieve in our life which provokes the human begin to work hard and try there level best to fulfil their desires. According to me dream is an aim. And we will keep on moving to fulfil our ambition in our life. Dreams are hope, inspiration, and meaning to life that to us is great contribution. Chasing our dreams will develop the courage in us. Dreams can distract you from the negative events of the life. Accomplishment of the dreams will give real meaning to life and failures will add experience, March towards the success because failure is the first step. As you rightly said if we have our dreams in the back of our mind always, we will definitely find the way, the path to pursue it. I remember when I had dreamt of having own flat in Pune and working with one of the leading industries. I belong to small city of Solapur where the life is very simple and no such competition to go ahead in our life. When I was working in a small scale industries, I use to visit customer plant to attend the quality or development related issues and I would always think of when I can get an opportunity to work with such big industries. I had put in all my efforts to make it happen and one day the doors of success opened for me and I was succeed in achieving my first dream better job with MNC company and within span of one year I was able to achieve my second dream of having my own flat in city like Pune. I fully agree with Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam a great leader said “Dreams is not what you see in sleep, is the thing which doesn’t let you sleep”. Source Internet Quotes on dreams Life without dreams is nothing, because we don’t have any dreams than no plan to fulfil our ambitions and desires. Also at the same time we should not be the day dreamer who just waste their time in dreaming and does nothing to achieve them in their life. Such peoples become burden on themselves and on their family. One of the idea to improve the dreams power that we should the written methodology of our dreams. In this method we need write our dreams on daily basis with priority sequence or we can memories the dreams in relax time. This methodology will improve the power of achievement, finding the way to move towards the dreams. We will prepare the phase wise plan if memories or write on daily basis. Build the steps or ladder for our dreams. In one of the article written by Mary Morrissey that 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis. Writing goals will motivate ourselves, it also motivate our friends, beloved and they will also help us to move towards the dreams. Our Dreams have no borders, we are the generator, creator of our dreams. Dream is dream, it may be small or big. When we realize this then we were able to design a way to favor our plan and accomplish our dream. Finally I will Say that NEVER GIVE UP ON OUR DREAMS

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