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Dear Sir, thank you for sharing with us this lovely article. The anecdotes mentioned here left me feeling extremely inspired and motivated. Dreams are a spark, a hope for me that goes beyond what is right now. It’s like a catalyst that keeps me going and looking forward to the future. As you have rightly mentioned, having the courage to dream and voicing our dreams without the fear of being ridiculed are very important for changing dreams into reality. Dreams are the drivers that take us to newer heights. One of my dreams came true when I got the admission offer letter for PGPM Programme in SPJIMR. It was one of the best days of my life, seeing that email in my inbox which read “It gives us immense pleasure in informing you that you have been selected for admission to SPJIMR’s Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM), Class of 2017”. Felt like a miracle, a blessing from a higher power who watched from above, all the effort that I had put into the preparation to get here. There were in numerous times when I had questioned my dream, faced struggles, failure, frustration and disappointments but then there was a fire that drove me to ‘keep at it’. I did not let my dream of studying from one of the best B-Schools of the country slip away. It took a lot of time to get here but the journey was extremely beautiful, more beautiful because I had the strong unconditional love and support of my family and friends who believed in me. I still have lots of dreams to fulfill; one of them is to take my parents on a trip around the world. I hope to work hard, stay motivated and make my parents proud.

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