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Thanks Sir for such an inspiring article. MS Dhoni is one of the examples who chased his dreams, believed in them and achieved big for the country. MS Dhoni ‘s journey to the top was not an easy one. He had faced many obstacles, at one point of time he was feeling bad that his contemporaries already represented India and he hasn’t got a chance to perform. His hard work and dedication towards the game have allowed him to become one of the greats in the games. Another example from the world of sports is the great footballer pele, who wanted to play for his country. Pele grew up in poverty, he had to earn money by working in tea shops. Pele couldn’t afford a proper football shoes or football, but none of these stopped him from dreaming big. He followed his dream and he went on to represent brazil and played a crucial role in the world cup win for Brazil. First, two examples spoke about greats from their respective fields, now I want to speak of a person, who was my classmate and realised his dreamt to become a lead actor. During my plus 2 classes, I have met Adith Arun, who is passionate about being a lead actor. After our plus 2, he moved to Chennai and after four years I have learned that he has become a lead actor in Telugu and Tamil and he had made a name for himself. In retrospect, I was proud of him and said to myself Dreams do come true. Let's not stop dreaming, always dream big and for sure dreams will come true !!!!

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