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“Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that does not let you sleep” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Thanks to Prof. Vaidya for sharing his inspiring story and for simple articulation of a powerful yet important message. For me, dreams are a form of passion and desire which give inspiration and motivation to a person to achieve his/her goals of life that makes him/her happy. It does not matter whether a dream is small or big; whether it is tough or easy to fulfill. All that matters, is the zeal one has about the dream thus getting a sense of achievement once the dream is fulfilled. There is no doubt that it requires lot of perseverance and right attitude to pursue a dream. Everyone has one or other dream in his life which he/she wants to achieve. Even-though I have lot of dreams which I want to make a reality but one dream, that I had since my college days, was doing an MBA from a premier Indian B-school. To achieve the same, I had tried once during college days but could make into the B-school of my choice. Once I landed into a corporate job, I got so busy with my professional commitments that my dream got into back burner but that dream was still alive at the back of my mind all the time. It was a causal discussion with my wife that ignited the desire of chasing my dream even after spending 13 years in corporate. That new sense of desire gave me a focus and landed me to India’s premier B-school to fulfill my dream of pursing MBA. The only point that I want to make is that it is never too late to purse a dream, only thing needed is self-persuasion. People say that do not dream as dreams never come true but I say that dream with eyes and mind open, as it will persuade you to go for the kill to have a sense of achievement.

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