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Dear Sir, Thanks for writing such a beautiful article and acquainting us with the ‘Power of Dreams’. I totally agree with your thoughts and have also experienced the same in my personal life. I believe ‘Dreams’ are the starting point of success. As rightly said, you first have to dream big before you can convert your dreams into reality. I feel the people who are unable to achieve success is not because they do not have the potential to do so but rather they trap themselves in reality and do not have the courage to see beyond what their eyes can see. They simply do not allow themselves to dream. This reminds me of an example which my science teacher once quoted in class, that unless right brothers had the dream to fly in the air, we could not hop across oceans in a matter of hours, when the whole mankind was stuck to ground. Thus dreams give us a vision of life and the power and energy to lift ourselves beyond our limits. Like you said, we have to keep our dreams alive in order to find a way to pursue them. But the truth is many of us just give up our dreams. What we forget is that each one of us has within us the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. At the same time chasing one’s dreams is not easy and not an overnight accomplishment. It requires consistent hard work, tremendous patience and thorough commitment to your unlimited potential. As someone rightly said that “Expecting a dream to come true without doing daily acts to make them happen is like hoping for a big harvest without planting any seeds”. I would like to conclude by saying the success in your life is only limited by the power of your imagination and the strength of your desires. So, keep dreaming!

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