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Why do we dream is perhaps one of the greatest unanswered questions in behavioural science. Technically speaking, dreams could be stories and images that our mind creates when we are sleeping. Many experts believe that dreams exist to help us solve problems in our lives, incorporate memories and process emotions. I would like to thank the author who has beautifully brought about the aspirational facet of dreams with simple stories from his life. His words in the last two paragraphs of the blog are immensely inspiring and motivates us to believe in the power of dreams. The blog majorily speaks about aspirations of people at individual level. The power of dream could also be utilised at the organisational level as elaborated interestingly in the article “Great leaders use the power of dreams” by Rob Ashkenas co-author of The GE Work out and The Boundaryless Organisation. Why do so many people buy lottery tickets even though they are fully aware that the chances of payoff are extremely low? This is so because it gives them the power to dream. Hence, people are willing to invest in dreams, even if odds are against them. This very fact could be utilised by organisations who could shape the employee’s dreams as explained by Rob. Rob also cites that when the dreams are exciting and the odds are believable, employees will dramatically increase their investments in making them come true. Some of the dreams of the employees may be financial such as bonuses, promotions etc. while others may be more personal aspirations. An example quoted is that of a pharmaceutical company which manufactured a drug reducing mortality rate of a specific disease. The company had been facing challenges due to some internal issues. When the manager addressed the gravity of the situation, every person attending the meeting put aside other priorities and worked to solve the problem. Here the manager had tapped into their dream to create a healthier world. Such is the power of dreams! Thus, we see that the power of dreams could be utilised not only at individual level but also at organisation level where great leaders help employees connect to the value so that the company’s mission becomes part of their own dream!

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