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The concise presentation of the simple idea of importance of dreams to move forward in life is indeed beautiful. Professor Vaidya has picked instances from his own life to present a powerful case. According to him, dreaming is very important and keeping the fire burning over the years is essential. Famous Indian cricket Virat Kohli once said in an interview that before every innings, while sitting in dressing room, he imagines himself scoring a hundred. This happens to him in every single game while he is waiting for his turn to bat. This dreaming has been his preparation since his childhood days. It energies him and he remains confident while walking down to crease. In my opinion it helps him away from negative energies and stay in a solid frame of mind before he can take on the opposition. I agree that dreaming is very important but at the same time working hard for your dreams to be successful is equally important. In the example above Virat Kohli is able to deliver the best for the country because he has been the most hardworking batsmen over past few years. He is not the ‘Chosen one’. He has spent innumerable hours in practice session and gym perfecting each short and enduring each muscle to reach the epitome. Yes, dreams do inspire to work hard and achieve success. Thanks

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