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As a kid, my dreams used to change with every year. Someday, I wanted to be a doctor, the next a teacher and the next something else. But I am thankful to my parents for never telling me that I cant be what I want to be. My father is a single parent a very educated person, so I was always given a safe space to study and explore whatever option I want in life, and I have swayed with my options since my schooling. After class 12th, I thought I will be an investment banker, and my dream was to work at Wall Street and earn a lot of money. Thus, I opted for Finance and Investment as a specialization in my Bachelors. But in my 3rd year, I realised this is not what would make me happy. Thus, I dreamt of becoming a Travel Journalist to satiate my love for travelling and penning down my opinions, and thus I moved on to do my Radio and TV Journalism. Nearing the end of my PG, I was still restless as the dream of travelling wasn't the dream anymore. I wanted to become a Marketer, promoting world class brands, having a name in the corporate world, getting a recognition what my father had in his field. Thus, I joined Times of India and from there my journey of becoming a marketer started and now I am pursuing my MBA in Marketing. My whole life has been chasing one dream after the other, but they were always my own dreams, unadulterated by the opinions of others. My family stood by me through every decision of mine. And today I can say, wherever I am, I am happy. I see a lot of people who are unhappy with the job they are doing, maybe because they are living someone else's dream. Their job and education is an end product of what their parents aspired for them. But if they are not happy, then how is it a dream come true, aren't they living a nightmare? Everyone has a dream, and then the people around them have a dream for them. But the essence of true happiness is to follow the path to achieve your own dreams, not others. I would like to thank Dr. Vaidya for capturing the essence of one's dreams and pushing people to think of their own.

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