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I found this article so simple yet powerful enough to convey the essence. The first thing that caught my attention is the realization of dreams. I have always thought of dreams as construed future reality. If we go back to history and hear the iconic “I have a dream today” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King we understand that how trenchantly he was devoted to his cause of fighting for equal rights of Black people and wanted a better future for them. Only because he was vocal about his dream and lived it all these years, he got what he wanted. From the point of view of my own life, I realize that the no dream is small and no dream is too big to come true. The only point is there should be some reasoning and rationale behind setting a dream. If we have a dream today which is not realistic or achievable, it may sometimes put our self under immense pressure. I remember when I was a child; how my father used to make me realize that every individual is different from the other in terms of capabilities and strengths. If you are able to effectively utilize your capabilities and develop strengths which will take you to your dreams, I think you have done a good job. Your dreams then become the part of daily life by entering into your subconscious mind which is the bigger part of the iceberg and hence more prominent. This is the when our each action starts symbolizing the effort that we put in making that dream come true. Now going back to the first point regarding vocalization of dreams without any distrust and fear, let me do that for me by saying that I want to write and publish my book someday in my life.

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