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Eyes quivering with excitement and starred with dreams too many, every child I’ve ever met has been excited about unravelling of life and being one step closer to achieving their dreams. Indeed, dreams are powerful. They are the manifestation of one’s desire that gives meaning to life. But then how and why do we wander hopeless in midst of our busy lives without a dream to push us above the impasse? From a nascent age, we build our dreams of being a certain someone, owning a certain car, living a certain life but most importantly we fail to recognize if these are our own desires or clouded by what others think our dreams should be. More often than never in our lives, we’re told what are dreams should be - To become a doctor because they save lives, to become richer so that you can enjoy a good life and help the poor. And somewhere down the line, when you start connecting the dots and you don’t feel the dream swelling from within, you’ve already missed the bus. Sometimes we end up dreaming too big and too many – to be an astronaut but also be like mother Teresa while having a settled family life. Dreams require sacrifices. They require showing strength amidst successive failures. They require a clear & passionate mind in challenging situations. To fall ten times and stand up again with the bruises, smiling and feeling better is what go getters are made of. In today’s world, we’re so engrossed in dreaming about living the dream that we usually don’t put in quite the effort required to achieve it and that’s where we fail as adults. Then how do we make our dreams a reality? Borrowing a quote from a wonderful book - Le petit prince - “Only children know what they are looking for”; So dream as a child would do, without any social prejudices and feel it from within, growing day by day. The only thing standing between your dream and it becoming a reality is the fear a failure so be ready to fall and get up as many times till you achieve what you dreamt of. I want to Congratulate Dr. Vaidya for capturing the essence of having a dream and living it in the most simplistic and graceful manner. Thank you for such a thought provoking read.

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