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Reflecting on your story about your dream, it reminded me of a saying that I came across some time back. It said,” Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”. From what I could gather from your preamble, I am sure that though you were apprehensive, you never doubted your dreams. That one dream of flying took you to places. That’s what I call an inspiring story. According to psychology, a dream is a succession of images, ideas, and emotions that usually occur involuntarily in the mind mostly during the REM sleep state. The brain activity is high in this state. Each and every thought you have on a particular vision, passion or a wish, the brain is actually calculating the possibility of that coming true. Majority of this computation, let’s call it quantum computing, is done by brain when we sleep. This is a reason why the most daunting wishes and passions come up regularly during our dream. The power of a dream is so immense that if we can hold on to that dream and start working towards it, success is not that far. Remember the speech “I have a dream” that the Rev Martin Luther King Jr delivered from the steps of the Lincoln memorial? This dream led to the civil rights movement in the US. His dream bought courage in many others. Dreams are that powerful. The reason I mentioned this is to assert that for all dreams, an action has to follow. Having dreams alone will not be of any good. It’s the thinking that will cause an action and the action will result in us going forward to fulfilling the dream. So, never fear to dream and I would like to quote one more saying by Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam: “Dream is not what you see while sleeping, it is something that doesn’t let you sleep”.

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