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‘Dreams’ are more like a wonderland where you can paint the objects and yourself as desired by you. It is the visualization of your desires. Truly said by sir – ‘Dreams are powerful and can be realized’. It is a beautiful illustration by sir which shows how dreams have pushed and contributed in his achievements and success story. It inspires us to dream big, in fact it is mentioned that day dreaming really works. We might have often heard from others to stop dreaming and come back to reality. Even the ones who are our well-wisher may discourage us from dreaming. So why is it so? The possible reason may be that they feel dreams do not help in achieving anything rather it is wastage of time. It is true when one ‘only’ dreams but does no action to achieve it. In the blog sir has displayed how he has put in enormous hard work and kept moving towards achieving his dream. The blog inspires us to dream big. If we put in hard work and start our journey towards our dream, the path to it will start building and it will eventually be opened to us. I would like to thank you sir for writing and sharing this blog. It gives an inspiration and motivation to dream big and achieve what we want in our life.

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