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Dear Sir, The simple yet effective title lured me into reading this blog. I must appreciate the candid style of your writing. Moreover, while reading the blog, I kept on relating to it and it did touch a chord in my heart. It was the time of October 2016, when I was searching for the best places around the globe to visit. The occasion was really special; I was getting married the next month. I shared a dream with my better half; a dream to travel around the globe and to experience the mesmerizing beauty of some of the most sought after places. However, I realized that aspirations like this one are always bounded by the real life challenges and constraints. The constraints faced were of time and money. The blended web learning module was in full swing at that time and I was supposed to pay the fee installments for the PGPM program. The beauty of India is that you get a lot of options to explore. Some of these options are true counterparts to global wonders and traveling to these places will not burn a hole in your pocket. So as a carefully selected alternative, we decided to visit Nainital – the city of lakes. Coming back to today’s reality, the life of PGPM candidates; I would like to share my views on the power of dreams. I firmly believe in the words of Dr. Abdul Kalam, “A dream is not that which you see while sleeping; it is something that does not let you sleep”. A dream is the ultimate motivator, a goal which you seek, an ambition which makes you work harder and a desire which would never subside. I had spent sleepless nights, not thinking about the actual dream, but thinking about the ways in which I can conquer over the constraints. For me, the key to live your dreams is to work hard and be focused. One can say that climbing that mountain was not difficult, but only after climbing to the top, one earns the right to say so.

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