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"I can sail all through the journey called life, if i have a dream in my eyes." This blog brings out the child in me, back to life again. In this society, which is on a rat race the biggest threat in the fact that the people have stopped dreaming. The essence of professionalism and competition has actually put the child we had in ourselves to deep slumber. When we loose the child withing us, we forget to dream and when we forget to dream, we actually loose the sight.Its amazing to find that the blog presents such an important viewpoint in so simple language. Life stories are the most inspiring write-ups and this belief of mine has been strengthened many fold while i went through the blog. Unless we have a dream, we loose the connect with the life and start living the life of a robot. I still remember the childhood days, when standing in the balcony i used to build a whole empire. That might have sounded crazy then, but today if i am in a position whereby am sitting in the hostel and reading this blog its all because someday i had a dream to be a part of an elite institution. I worked my way and thus i can easily connect to the essence, "How important it is to dream?"

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