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Sir, thank you for sharing your thoughts about something that each one of us at SPJIMR can relate to and is here in this prestigious institution to realize it. Dreams are the crazy visuals one has in front of his eyes which bring a smile to the face and one sees himself or herself as the main protagonist playing it. During my formative years I used to draw a lot of insights from my immediate surrounding and would behave as if I am living it. As I grew my dreams developed wings. I wanted to fly, I wanted to run, I wanted to crawl and would anything to achieve whatever I dreamt of. Be it earning the best student award or playing a match wining knock in the school cricket team, I tried hard to see myself enjoy the happiness of what I had dreamt of and eventually could achieve it. As I grew so did my dreams. For me dreams are not defined in magnitude, they are just milestones that would like to reach, rest by them and then move on. After I joined Infosys as a software engineer, my dream was to learn the tricks and trade of the business and to capitalize on my technical knowledge. Every day after work I sat contemplating about what was I doing with my life. Is it this that I wanted or I needed more? Work had started becoming mundane and it was difficult to keep learning. But my subconscious kept hammering me saying you need more. I started researching on the possible avenues that I can explore to keep myself growing. That is when the idea of MBA seeped in. That day I decided no matter what happens I am going to earn this dream of mine. The situation was hard. The constant work pressure, the client issues as well as personal ones were a constant hurdle. Yet the thought of achieving it never let me sleep. I drew inspiration from the book by late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam where he quotes “Dreams are not those which comes while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when u don't sleep before fulfilling them.” I held on to my fort, practiced hard, work suffered but I knew my calling. Finally, the day arrived when the email from SPJIMR popped up on my mobile screen stating I was being offered an admission to the PGPM program. I was teary with happiness because I could realize my dream.

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