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First of all, I thank Dr. Vaidya to for writing such an inspiring blog. Each interaction with him has inspired me to think beyond. As he rightly points out, it is really though provoking that how he has persevered to pursue his dreams. Perseverance helps you to endure during hardships and ensures you to pursue your dreams while still having that reality check. But for that to succeed it really takes someone to dream big and not let it fade away through the years. It is very important that we dream and always try to keep it in mind and when we dream we should always think that we can make it happen. It is also important to note that it takes some time to make the dream possible, it doesn’t materialise quickly. The emotions of a person are really to look forward to when the person’s dreams come true, it is genuine happiness. While trying to achieve one’s dream is important, it is equally important that one does it fairly and not take undue advantage of situations and hamper others’ interests. One always needs to focus in the right way of thinking and doing. If one achieves the dream through negative means, then the genuineness in the happiness goes away. The key is to keep trying towards achieving one’s dream, and not give up. If achieving the dream is getting difficult to achieve then one has to put in extra efforts and overcome it rather than dismissing it. Pursuing dreams keeps us alive and keeps us trying and that is what makes us humans. As Malcolm Forbes puts it – “When we cease to dream, we cease to live.” The experience which we call life will be very colourless if we don’t pursue our dreams. I appeal to everyone to dream and make this life a better one for us.

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