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I strongly agree with what Mr. Vaidya has said. In fact, I had a dream during my childhood wherein I wanted to open an orphanage for the underprivileged children and help them lead a decent life. For that, one needs to have a serving mindset, perceverance and money too. I though the last one, i.e. money is the most important & started thinking on the lines of earning maximum money. I became a Chartered Accountant in 1990 & started working at the age of 20 Today, at 50, when i look back and see my current life position - I am a full time trainer today into learning and development and CSR activities. I cam see that life has brought me a long way in realizing my childhood dream. Today, I may not be running my own orphanage. However, I am very happy that I am involved as a "Social Ambassador - learning and development" with a well known NGO in the country, actively helping them in their Student Leadership Program, a Program to inculcate life skills to underprivileged children of 8th standard to move them towards becoming good social leaders. And the pleasure I get seeing them develop as good communicators / good citizens gives me immense pleasure. Who knows - This may be another step in realizing my dream.

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