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Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful and the most powerful things are often ignored or dismissed. Dreams are one of the simplest but most complex human functions. Authors have made millions on pandering what they believe to be the power of dreams to the masses, read: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I personally do not find self help/motivational books interesting. So devoid are we of belief and confidence in ourselves that we find solace in the success of others. I could not agree with you more on the fact that it is so important to day-dream not just about our wants and desires but to just dream. Only through free unbridled thought will we truly be able to discover what is important to us on a personal level. Dreams will then manifest themselves in the shape of what inherently moves and drives us. There is no point pursuing an engineering degree when all you want to do is dance! Sigmund Freud dedicated his life attempting to unravel the mysteries of dreams and barely scratched the surface as it is not an exact science. He was often ridiculed by the scientific community for his area of study but true to what you so succinctly indicated it is when the world ridicules your dreams and aspirations is when we need to stand resolute.

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