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The explanation of political campaign of Modi in terms of Marketing strategy concepts is incredible. The blog explains the in-depth comparison of his campaign and its marketing concept behind it. The frame work of Modi’s strategy to build his brand has been clearly unfolded in the blog. This gives us a clearer perspective of Concepts and its practical application to politics. Thankyou Mam for this excellent blog. Neither being a supporter nor an opponent, I couldn’t resist myself praising on the Marketing skills of Modi. I strongly believe in his target focus. His campaign had a clear picture of whom to target and how. Adding to the points in the blog, I could visualize his database marketing. Particularly in important states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, what the campaign managers did was collect huge database and work on reaching out directly to the people. It also greatly helped that the opposition party ran a very lackluster campaign. All these factors mentioned above resulted in a landslide victory to BJP. Advertising and marketing were major contributors for Modi’s success. There was a clear perception that Modi was a doer. He could get things done. There was a widespread perception that that there was a policy paralysis with the previous government. Modi and his team took advantage and leveraged his image as a doer. There was no doubt that Modi sold him (as a brand) in a perfect way. But I am not sure if he could succeed in satisfying his target group. Obviously, Modi would have received several market feedbacks through his traditional set of Managers. Though a product enters a market, unless it performs, satisfies and sustains its capability and perform the maximum, it would be hard for the product to sustain in the market. Of course, it is not possible to please everyone in politics. But the percentage of satisfaction or the success of the product will be witnessed only in the upcoming elections. Let’s keep fingers crossed to witness the product lifecycle of Modi.

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