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Thank you very much for writing a nice article on brand building. The article clearly states the role of marketing in building the Brand in today’s competitive scenario. To reinforce further it is even difficult to build a brand in politics and it takes lot of year and thoughts to do that. I strongly agree on author’s view point and content that brand essence, brand personification, consumer insights, single minded proposition, emotions into brand and reinforcement of a brand through design of the brand has played a great role in building brand “NaMo”. To add on “NaMO” is strategic brand rather than just a brand like “RaGa”. Below are the steps how BJP/Narendra Modi achieved it : Step 1: Narendra Modi came to Gujrat as CM of the state without having deep roots in Gujarat politics at that time. Moreover, it was a tough time for the state, though it was prosperous state but was not growing. Earlier politician used to talk about Roti, Kapda and Makan to get the votes, which was a traditional way of thinking any politician had in those days. NaMo shared his strong vision bases on Development of Gujarat and hit the right nail and quickly made and impact on people’s mind as a promising leader. Moreover, he started connecting with people on the bases of emotion by saying “my 5 Crore Gujarati brothers and sisters” and they will be part of Gujarat’s development. Because of that Gujarat’s development was phenomenal during those 14 years in terms of infrastructure, industrial growth, corporates growth etc., Step 2: Looking at the Narendra Modi’s popularity in the state of Gujarat, BJP decided to capitalize it on national level. They started their working way before 2014 election and strongly worked on the target population. They segmented the target population and choose to attract 35% of the population who are youngsters, middle-class families, business man etc., who generally were not much interested in politics. With nicely designed campaigns BJP targeted that population and connect with them strongly and 2014 election became a great victory for them.

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