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This blog beautifully links politics with marketing and explains how BJP used marketing concepts of segmentation, targeting, positioning and branding for record breaking victory in 2014 elections. It provides insight into the planning done by BJP to create Narendra Modi (Namo) a brand with a promise of prosperous future. I had never recognized NaMo as a leader of India due to some unfortunate incidents that occurred in Gujarat. But his actual capability is reflected by the growth of Gujarat during his tenure as Chief Minister. It was only 1-2 years prior to elections that a BJP started branding Narendra Modi. BJP ran a 360-degree, full-fledged campaign that included mass media, online and social media and events and on-ground activities including rallies targeting the youth sector. The best advertising brains- Prasoon Joshi, Piyush Pandey were used for creating BJP anthem and lead campaign tag line ‘Ab Ke bar Modi Sarkar’. Clearly, the communication focussed on Narendra Modi. Message ‘Achhe Din Ayenge’ was also used to target rural sector of India. Throughout the campaign, Modi’s image was omnipresent by full front-page advertisement in newspaper, across television channels in commercials and huge hoardings across cities. It was first time in India when BJP used digital media strategy to reach out to people. According to research agency IMRB International, 4 million Twitter users out of 13.31 million active users followed NaMo during election campaign. BJP has made the best use of technology by sending pre-recorded video messages to remote villages. On the other hand, BJP was also benefitted by their opponent in three ways. First - Delayed announcement of RaGa as PM candidate by congress. Due to short time period, people could not frame RaGa as PM. Second – Selection of Raga for PM candidature, who lacks experience in comparison to track record of NaMo. Third- The nightmare interview of RaGa by TV host Arnab Goswami prior to elections. The meticulous work done by NaMo in last 10 years for economic transformation of Gujarat made BJP to highlight him as a brand and position him as an indication of national economic growth. Even after winning election, Modi’s government has followed marketing strategies and highlighted every action taken by government in benefit of public. People have ignored his shortfalls and appreciated every step taken by him whether it is Demonetization, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Digitalization or implementation of GST.

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