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I remember during my several debate on MODI between 2010 to 2013 before MODI is declared as PM Candidate of BJP, I was very strongly opposed by several Intellectual and general public that MODI is extremely bad choice, managing state like Gujarat and INDIA is different, He is not secular, He is massacre of Gujarat Riots , he should not become INDIA PM no one will vote for him, etc. Infact I have twitted on twitter that he is best Prime Minister Choice for the country and BJP declared him as PM than BJP will come as majority on its own and equally I had strong response against the same. Looking at this Background is building Brand Namo was easy for think tank of BJP who declared him as PM Candidate? How did they manage transition of Brand NAMO from Regional to National so it became acceptable to all including regional political parties. To succeed Brand NAMO, BJP has used technique called STP of marketing which is popularly known as SEGMENTING – Less than 30 years , Greater than 30 year to 50 years and Greater than 50 years , Target = They have focused on Youth, Neo Middle Class and Woman , they come up with concept of Woman empowerment, aspiration of Neo Middle class and Power of youth by stating that today our young people change the world order by MOUSE which was never ever projected very strongly in any election of INIDA and Positioning : There by declaring NAMO as PM, BJP communicated his work in Gujarat by providing factual figure in comparison with several parameter in Graphical way on various Social Media Platform which motivated voters since first time they have seen comparison which are authenticated by several reputed oeganisation. To remove image of Gujarat Riot BJP came with slogan “SABKA SATH SABKA VIKAS”. They moved forward Slogan such as INDIA First , Constitution of India is our dharma, this has created effect on general public who were in dilemma whether he will be secular or not. Beside this the way Dr. Ashita Aggarwal pointed out was blend beautifully with all various strategies and of course the Hardwork of Mr MODI who had travelled across INDIA restless. Election campaign of 2014 & UP Election of 2016 is the one of the best learning case studies for management graduate who wants to build brand from zero to success. People who will decode this over the period will be one of the best marketer Gloablly.

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