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Please accept my hearty appreciation for your blog on Namo Branding and superb co-relation with theories of segmentation of market, targeting a segment and positioning the brand. Indeed, NaMo brigade not only worked hard but they worked smart as well. They executed “Lead-Think-Plan-Act” very well. All the lessons drawn by you from BJP’s performance in 2014 truly reflect and fully correlate stage involved in launch of product and establishing that as a brand! Namo Team started from scratch and analysed the regions where there was potential of vote-shift specially among the youths (including the first time voters) who were more or less neutral (or say confused). BJP came with the strategy to talk about the things in which youths would be interested the most. It was ensured that Modi’s speeches would contain adjectives related to Young and Energetic India. NaMo team divided the whole India into different segments, according to the demography of population, caste, issues, lack of development, 2009 performance, sensitiveness, position of regional & national parties in that area, etc. Exhaustive profiling was done. It was in same line when a company creates segments of customers basis age, gender, income, behaviors, etc. and then makes it measurable. Targeting of these segments was exhaustively planned. Modi travelled more than 3 lac kilometres and addressed 437 big rallies and 5827 events. Besides him all major ministers were holding rallies. Logistics were very strategic. They used more or less same words in their speeches. Time was the major constraint and goal was to access each and every “potential” and individually substantial segment within available time. They used social media and newest communication technologies extensively. BJP didn’t let their image building process slow down or die at any point of time. Their efforts not only resulted into huge win but opened the gates in the states where they were very marginal viz. Assam, J&K, WB & Kerala. BJP’s vote percentage doubled. Dear Madam, you have rightly pointed out that positioning is the most important and critical brand asset. It is very important to occupy the mind space of the consumer. It must stick. Modi team talked about deprivation made by public and nation under Congress rule and branded himself as the game changer and created hope in public’s mind. If the brand is positioned effectively, public connect with the product as a brand. Same thing happened with Modi campaign. Modi’s positioning statement was clear: Modi = Development, Modi = End of Dynasty Rule, Modi = No Corruption, Modi = More Governance, Less Government. We can relate this rigorous enforcement by some brands viz. Xerox, Surf and Colgate. Their brand positioning is so strong that people have replaced copy word with Xerox, people call all washing powders as Surf and all tooth pastes as Colgate. Brand Positioning Statements made by Modi’s marketing team e.g. “Abki bar Modi Sarkar”, “Acchhe din aane wale hai..”, “the more muck you throw at me, the more the lotus will blossom”, “Give me a strong government, I'll give you a strong India”, “We want a 'skilled India', but Congress has created a 'Scam India' in 10 years”, “Their agenda is Modi , BJP's agenda is India”, “Punish the 'Maa-Beta' government that has ruined the country”, “I have sold tea, but I never sold my country” and “Northeast is Ashta Lakshmi, needs a Lotus. All were well crafted sticky ideas. These ideas were simple, concrete, credible and carried emotional quotient. Moreover, in each rally Modi used to come out with new unexpected punch line to make everyone talk about and hit the headlines. This helped him to establish long lasting impression in the minds of people. Modi’s achievements as a CM of Gujarat were strong story teller of his governance style. This helped him to position himself quickly. A company’s goodwill, in similar way, helps in establishing a new product. The company has to live his brand everywhere every moment. Similarly Modi projected himself in the attire which was reflection of his and his party’s ideology. Congress on other hand, in comparison, could not even reach near to him. They underestimated Modi wave and passed comments like “chaiwala” for which they paid heavily price. Congress had some accomplishments to talk about but list of corruption and unfulfilled promises was much longer. So they talked only against Modi as a person. Congress had issue of quality of leadership. They have plenty of experienced leaders but due to absence of democracy within their internal set-up, no eligible leader is able to come in front. While on the other hand BJP organised themselves very well from top level to worker level and unanimously elected Modi as their face of leadership well in advance. This gave the whole BJP Team a sense of direction, feel of confidence and clarity of goal. Dear Professor, 2014 Loksabha Election was a great show of Marketing elegance, Branding intelligence, Image development, Team Building and Motivation, Leadership qualities, Management styles, Logistic network, Technology savviness and Communication skills and top of above magician of Politics Mr. Narendra Modi himself.. Each and every aspect of it is certainly a very good model to understand the complexities of management studies….

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