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It is a very beautifully written article, which tells how, by applying the Marketing Strategies of Philip Kotler and Keller, the BJP went about branding Narendra ‘Namo’ Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate. Power, politics, style - the 'Nehru jacket' has inferred all this and more in the world of diplomacy for more than half a century. What was once considered a must-have for Congress stalwarts has now got a BJP tadka with PM Narendra Modi's personal rendition to the design. The tale of the Modi kurta - is well known. This is how Narendra Modi and his campaign squad have used some very innovative and timely decisions that have helped give extraordinary prominence .I have also tried to cover some of the strategies that have worked: NaMo understood the Consumer Insights: Advertisement of Fogg deodorants distinguishes itself from competition saying that we are ‘All deodorant, No gas” vis-a-vis its competitors. Similarly market researches of BJP found that the brand value of Narendra Modi is much higher than that of the BJP. Therefore, they took the decision to project Narendra Modi instead of projecting BJP or the NDA in all their campaigns. NaMo crafted his brand positioning: He targeted different audiences and segments. They used TV to influence the average man, Internet to reach out to the youngsters who are online most of the time. They reached rural people through road shows and rallies. Instead of overseeing the larger part of the young population BJP connected to them. This was how, NaMo not only put across his message to the older generation but also the younger generation. NaMo chose the digital platform: NaMo, recognized and planned to leverage all forms of social media platforms where he could easily connect with the majority of Indians as he was anyway able to connect with the rest of population through rallies and other social gatherings arranged by his party. He leveraged various digital media platforms -with around 29,738,190 followers on micro-blogging site Twitter and over 41676150 likes on his Facebook page; Modi is the first Indian politician to have such a great presence on social media. NaMo prepared a Catchy Slogan: There are slogans in marketing. ‘Amul- the taste of India’, Surf-‘ Daag Acche hain’.Similarly, BJP decided to have a catchy slogan. ‘Ab ki Bar, Modi Sarkar’. It was extremely catchy and easy on the tongue. Even the non-Hindi speakers could comprehend what it stood for and they could easily eloquent it. So, it resonated with everybody. NaMo made it more interactive: Customers now care more about the relationship and trust that you have built. Make them to talk, listen to them and let them feel that their views truly matter. This is what NaMo did by launching various campaigns on social media sites destined to make people talk, such as the ‘Chai pe Charcha’ campaign that made people to express their views on.

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