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The blog authored by Dr. Ashita Aggarwal is very holistic in its approach while dealing with the subject of Narendra Modi and how the BJP went about building the brand ‘Namo’ for its Prime Ministerial elect. It provides insights into the careful planning that went into building brand ‘Namo’ and positioning him among other things the champion for development. India is a vibrant and young country owing to the sizeable proportion of its population that resides below the age of 35 years of age. The past decade of the UPA rule was marred by corruption, crony capitalism and a lack of governance. Every single week there were scandals being unearthed running to the tune of hundreds and in some cases thousands of crores which made the country very restless and desperate for change. The BJP being out of power for 10 years had a task at hand but after they identified Mr. Modi to lead their campaign for 2014, it was admirable and pleasing to see the kind of work that went behind projecting him as the messiah of the people and his credentials as an able administrator, 10 years of rule as the chief minister of Gujarat with no single taint of corruption and a no-nonsense taskmaster only helped. The country was eager for change and as projected in this write up by Dr. Ashita the BJP caught the pulse of the nation and Mr. Modi kept catering to the youth by talking about jobs, development and ushering in a new era under his leadership. The saffron party reigned in their motormouths and Mr. Modi campaigned extensively across the length and breadth of the country speaking in only one voice and that was of development. What helped strengthen Mr. Modi as the frontrunner in the run-up to the polls was an absolute vacuum of leadership at the other end in the form of Rahul Gandhi. Having no considerable record in public service to boast of, an image of being a part time politician and not being able to connect with the youth led to his party being literally whitewashed at the General Elections. The country handed the BJP captained by Mr. Modi the most decisive mandate in decades, a clear majority at the centre with the hope of putting India back on the path of growth and prosperity.

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