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A complete branding exercise put in a clear and straightforward way. The Brand “Namo” stood out throughout the campaign which led to the landslide victory of BJP in the national assembly elections. Congress on the other hand failed to recognize that they will have re-invent themselves by carrying out the re-branding exercise as the legacy brand has taken a massive hit due to bad governance in their previous terms which led to debacle in the assembly elections. The people of India who are the apparent customers have changed in the way they think, hence a refinement in political campaigns are imminent. Today due to this change, political parties are forced to re-think like Corporate in understanding the minds of their customers and devising a strategy to create a brand that leaves a lasting impression even after the campaign is over. This task of revisiting the strategy doesn’t end in one election but election after election, major or minor, a new strategy is implemented which helps in creating a long lasting image for the brand in the minds of customers. Segmentation of a brand is equally important in addition to the creation of a brand image. To explain with an example a wrong pitch for NaMo brand to the less educated and less informed societal class could have backfired considering that they are not much aware of the latest happenings. Convincing the people of this class would have been a time consuming effort and a very less probability of conversion rate. Hence it further more important to have an extensive research before segmentation. Last but not the least every brand assurances should be backed by their credibility on performance which could help in making a story. NaMo had a credible track record which RaGa lacked and this eventually was an ice-breaker for BJP to stand-out.

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