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Ma’am, reading this blog was really a recap of Marketing Management 1. I found it really interesting to look at the political campaign through the lens of marketing. I agree with you that marketing played a crucial role in getting BJP and Narendra Modi to power in the 2014 elections. Before the elections begin I did not believe that Mr. Modi was a suitable leader for the country. This view point of mine was mainly because; in my mind Mr. Modi was associated with the unfortunate incidents that took place in Gujarat in 2002. I am not trying to suggest that I was right or wrong in doing so, but merely pointing out how Mr. Modi was viewed as by many like us before the elections of 2014. It is worth mentioning that I had lived in Gujarat from 2012 to 2014 and I had first-hand experience of the development it had achieved. As a result of all this, although I did associate Mr. Modi with development and growth, but I was not sure of the whether he would be achieve the same for India as a whole. And I still continued to associate him with religious bias. What the marketing campaign of BJP during the 2014 elections succeeded in achieving was to create a stronger connect of brand NaMo with development and growth than any other aspect. But this blog also makes me wonder if was marketing the most critical factor that led to this result. How important a part did the performance of the Congress government in the previous term play? Would it have been possible to achieve this result if the country had another option that promised growth as well as a lack of association with any religious outfit?

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