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Mam your article perfectly reflects on how and why Brand NaMo helped BJP in getting the biggest electoral victory for any party. As rightly stated by you the reasons for such a humongous adoption of NaMo were for sure a good product being marketed effectively to right set of target audience. I think NaMo was also able to sell what his target audience needed the most - Hope. Hope of having a corruption and crime free India. Hope of having a better future. Human beings always aspire to be on that OTHER side of the pasture hoping to have better prospects. In recent years many leaders have been able to capture this human emotion. Barack Obama during his first election campaign was able to connect with people with his slogan – Yes We Can. US was suffering from economic uncertainties and huge debts post wars. Obama came and delivered what was required at that time – hope. In India during 2008, Big scams – 3g, Coal, Commonwealth were exposed. People were fed up with rampant corruption. Modi was able to convey the right message needed at that time– Ache Din Aayenge. The same thing happened in recent US elections. Trump was able to connect to middle class of US which was suffering from Job losses, debts and unemployment. Their American dream was collapsing , US the biggest economy in the world was outsourcing jobs to China , India and Mexico. Trump connected with these dissatisfied citizens with his right message – Lets Make America Great Again.

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