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Grace is perhaps one of most undervalued traits in the world. If we were to look at the most successful and influential leaders across the globe we realise that a vast majority of them had one common trait - grace! It is not only about people judging you for how you stand, how your poise and how you walk, but also how you think. Grace is not limited to physical appearances but goes deeper to reflect the thoughts and value of an individual. It is about how one perceives the world and cascades that perception to the world in contact. Of course, one can develop grace with careful observation, awareness and practice, as Dr Vaidya mentioned but its practice must be consistent and in-line with our values and the perception of how we wish to see ourselves. While some people are naturally blessed with grace, for others effort and a strong desire to achieve grace, is mandatory. Really, one needs no money to achieve grace – only reasonable effort.

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