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Hello sir, Beautifully written piece. Though many would find it difficult to relate to this concept of grace being associated with cars and planes, I am simply in awe that you have given words to my thoughts. When I ask myself, the question regarding what I like (similar to the one you answered in the beginning of the blog), my answer is camera, laptop and phone. I have spent months (if not years) to read about gadgets available in the market to finally decide on something that I want to own. I have been mesmerized by the grace of the gadgets that our advanced technology produces. The experience of using these gadgets is simply awesome and beyond words. Using the example of gadgets, you have switched to idea of grace in people. Grace in your words is described with respect to communication, clothing, expressions, stance and so on. I would like to bring in another aspect which adds to the grace in us. I am referring to the quality of humility. It is that quality which keeps us rooted to our basics even when our branches are expanding in all directions. Even if we excel in other aspects, arrogance takes out the grace in even the most sophisticated person. I find the gadgets graceful because they very well fulfill their tasks for which they are designed and they do it wonderfully. Similarly, people are graceful when their deeds match their thoughts, when they are passionate to excel and when they execute their tasks with sheer poise. Hence, your blog is a reminder to enjoy the grace even in inanimate objects and learn to inculcate some of those observations into our lives. -Shweta U. Shetty

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