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Hi Sir, you have beautifully explained the multiple facets of grace in your blog. I couldn’t agree more with your article, I remembered times when I tried copying the way Amitabh Bachhan used to walk or the way Hrithik Roshan used to dance or the way Sachin use to hit that straight drive, past the bowler for a boundary. All these activities are so full of grace, charisma that you want to see those things again and again. Why do we want to hear Harsha Bhogle again? Why can’t we get our eyes off the TV screen, when the little master plays those drives? I tried finding out the reason behind all these activities a long time back. There was a common thread connecting all these people. They aspired for more, they persevered, and they all are very well read in their field of activity. The desire for knowledge and the ability to read more unknowingly affects your subconscious in a positive manner. Your actions, your expressions, the clothes you wear, the way you communicate all these are affected by the exposure you get and you ability to absorb everything around you. And once you reach a certain level, it is that hunger and passion that pushes them to be a perfectionist in whatever they do, that can be as simple as shaking hands with someone but that would still be with a lot of grace. It leaves an impact which is not governed by the stature of their personalities but by just the way they execute that handshake to perfection. I watch these small things, I try to learn . I try to accommodate. May be someday, someone would write an article about grace mentioning me. That would complete the whole cycle which has just started now. Thank you sir for putting this article up on your blog !

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