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Dear Sir, I completely agree with your thoughts that a materialistic thing can be as graceful as a human or vice versa and that grace is one of the virtue of life that shall be and can be acquired with time. For example – an Iphone is loved unconditionally by its users not only because of its technical features but because of its subtle design, minute detailing and the experience it provides to users, which make it stand apart from the rest. Talking about grace, the one name that comes to my mind is of Late Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur. The poise, calmness, posture, body language and impeccable dressing sense she had still remains in heart of the masses, she was an epitome of grace, grandeur and elegance. Grace is as much an attribute of a common man as of a royal, the only difference being that royals are taught how to acquire the traits of grace right from their early years and we think of it as being a far off star that can only be seen and not touched. It is by keen observation, practice and nagging desire that these traits can be learnt. I also believe that grace is not just a trait but a way of life, its not only about looking graceful physically but also about doing things gracefully.

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