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Dear Sir, a very well written and thought evoking article. Grace is what we always enjoy experiencing when we see it in others. Be it an Audi's driving experience, Sachin Tendulkar’s elegant cover drive, Roger Federer’s flawless backhand return or Amitabh Bachchan’s dialogue delivery in a movie; grace can be experienced in both animate or inanimate objects and is generally characterised by smoothness, calmness and elegance, as you have rightly pointed on the blog. I believe grace can be developed by conscious effort. It is not a single trait but a package called grace. Moreover, it is combination of both the internal thoughts and external responses. I recently saw a video in which Patti Smith, a world-renowned singer, fumbles while performing on stage during the Nobel Prize ceremony. She apologises and says, “I am sorry, I am so nervous” and the whole audience, including the King and the Queen of Sweden, started clapping and applauding her. It was the grace of Patti to accept her mistake but it was equally graceful of the audience to show their support. She picked up from there and one should see the sheer confidence with the way she completed her performance. We can help each other so much by just being Graceful.

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