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The above ‘Idea of Grace’ very well integrates the technology’s charisma and grace. To this startling write-up I would like to contribute by writing about that one more dimension which comes to mind after reading the word grace. It is the ‘Grace of God’. Many times it happens that we keep constantly working towards a goal but don’t achieve it. In such situations we turn up to our elders (grandparents, parents or teachers) that despite striving so much we don’t seem to make any progress. Most often the reply is that one must keep trying and one day you will reach where you want to be with the ‘Grace of God’. All holy books say God is realised through God’s grace and at the same time they also say Lord resides in every human being. This makes my belief stronger that realising God is simple, we just need to be kind to every living being, be considerate about the needs of those around us and keep working towards our objective. In this way start treading our path towards success and those whom we helped will sometime come back and help us when we are need and this is the Grace of God. One of the dialogue from famous Bollywood movie ‘Oh My God’- don’t be God fearing, make him your friend never gets off my mind. In the end I would like to say that one must keep helping others, doing noble deeds and making sincere efforts and desired outcome will definitely come true.

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