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Dear Anil Sir, I can totally relate to this wonderful article on grace. I felt that you are describing me when you talked about airplane’s take-offs, landings and the BMW ride. During my engineering days, while returning back home, I would park my bike and stand over it to have a glimpse of airplanes taking off and landing (as per the wind direction). I always used to wonder how such a gigantic thing can ever take-off. And the perfection in landing would always leave me spellbound. I experienced the pleasure of driving a BMW (X3) when I was on an on-site assignment in the US. Let alone the power it houses, the sheer driving pleasure and the confidence that I experienced was truly magical. As you rightly pointed out, the ease, elegance of an airplane and the smoothness, attractiveness and poise of a BMW is its ‘grace’. Probably the only time I felt a human graceful was when I met Shri Shri Ravishankar at his Bangalore ashram. The elegance and simplicity of his attire, the ease and calmness of his speech and the confidence of his walk instantly attracted me towards him. Listening him speaking was a musical experience for me.

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