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Dear Sir, very nicely written piece on grace being a very important trait of one's personality. As you have rightly pointed out some inanimate objects which we admire a lot because of the presence of grace in them, similar is the case of the graceful personalities. They are the ones who, without any doubt, get the attention and admiration immediately. Grace, however, is different from manners. Manners are the rules; whereas grace reflects a state of being. As you have rightly pointed out how graceful people always tend to live an impression on us forever, I would also like to cite the example of Amitabh Bachchan during P.V. Sindhu’s win in the last year’s Olympics. Shobhaa De had taken to Twitter to slam the athletes for not being able to clinch medals, alleging them of clicking ‘selfies’ and coming home empty handed, which was condemned by the public. However, when Sindhu won the Silver medal, De went on to congratulate Sindhu in another sarcastic tweet. But people kept condemning De for her infamous tweet. Amitabh Bachchan too took the opportunity to congratulate Sindhu stating that she was not coming back home empty handed and that he would be more than willing to click a selfie with her. This goes to show how Mr. Bachchan, with his graceful nature, was able to congratulate Sindhu and at the same time take a sly dig on De, shutting the Twitter hatred once and for all. I feel grace comes naturally to the people who are educated, experienced and conscious enough of his/her environment. We always admire the great personalities and while we start idolizing someone, we are, in fact, following and trying to be graceful person he/she is.

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