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Knowledge, Vibrancy and Originality are the three pillars that have built the foundation of the Oriental Education system and I have experienced the same whenever I have set my foot in the SPJIMR campus. SPJIMR and its blog provides a platform for the earnest students of management and leadership to express their vibrant ideas. Science of spirituality , Leadership labs, Innovation and Design Thinking echo the true sentiments of knowledge that is vibrant and original in the way its conceived for the pedagogy at SPJIMR. Discover, Learn & Grow are the three words that reverberated in my mind when I read the above blog on Knowledge , Vibrancy, Originality(not necessarily in the same order). That’s how the Almighty made us. As is famous in the Indian mythology, one can be the Third Eye of Lord Shiva(Destroyer of Evil) or the fourth head of Lord Brahma(Creator of the Universe). As Mr Debdutt Patnaik in his famous book Business Sutra says: Nara (Human Being) is Narayana (Almighty God). Every human being is unique in his own way. Evolution is the Mantra of Life. Survival of the fittest (Theory put forth by Charles Darwin) is here to survive; meaning one who has superior knowledge, dynamism and original ideas is going to be thrive and leap forward. Today in the instant world of twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp only SPJIMR can have the grit and conviction to highlight the importance of “Mindfullness” and “Headspace” which can be the gamechanger for both the corporate and leadership crises that is being witnessed in India and the world. May the darkness of ignorance be replaced by the light of Knowledge, Vibrancy and Originality. I truly believe in the dictum of Picking the best of both the worlds (Western & Oriental). SPJIMR truly exemplifies the same the saga of Knowledge, Vibrancy and Originality. I would like to rest my case by saying SPJIMR Blog journey has just started and there are light years to go before anyone sleeps. Discover : The originality hidden within yourself( Tat Tvam Asi: God lies within you), Learn : The Vibrancy and dynamism of the corporate and real world. Grow: Continue your journey for the quest of unknown and enlighten the world with your knowledge. Three cheers to SPJIMR Blog !!!Courage & Heart!!!!

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