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This is an interesting and debatable topic. Every new technology has pros and cons associated with it and it has let to commendable impact on the society. I somehow not convinced with the article stating negative aspect of the technological aspect on accepting future technology. With my experience driving in the city roads for commuting to my office, every time I feel there is requirement for automation to avoid killing my leg operating clutch, emission, and worrying on ability of other vehicle drivers behind me. There is always a debate in this world whenever a new technology is introduced that it will create unemployment in the society which will lead to loss of lively hood for the people associated with this. But as we have witnessed that with the introduction of technology people have become more adaptive to the new technology, people have developed new skills and it has opened up new doors of employment and opportunities to the people. I believe driverless cars and vehicles are going to be revolution in the society as benefits associated with it will give safe, stress free and less emission travel experience to the people. It will reduce intentional / unintentional human errors by following lane discipline, cut on over speeding, road rage, give way for emergency services and traffic signals. People can spend more time on productive work and leisure while on the move. Driverless cars definitely it is a future need but there is still need of more innovation and technology infrastructure improvement and smart roads are required to bring it onto live .

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