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Although tracing the process of automation is not a task I could accomplish, but in modern context I have my share of thoughts based on a few readings couple of years ago. It all started with invention of the printing press. People were confident that only printed media would popularize and opinions of the common man would become irrelevant. Written letters started losing their popularity only to be cherished as a lost art in the 21st Century. Factory workers started losing their jobs like frenzy. Depression added to the people’s woes. Emails and Fax ensured postman’s around the world would lose their job. Minimum chance of letters being mixed up. Perfect delivery almost every time. Such discipline was hardly human and people were reluctant to accept it. Mobile Phones have given headaches to manufacturers of not only camera companies but also those of calculators, wrist watches, calendars and even printed Maps. The post was a joyful read providing an insight into a world of perfection. The tone of the article spices up the dark message it carries. Automation is making us lazier and smarter at the same time. My father remembers the streets of Delhi like lines at back of his hand. I struggle to remember the passwords of my 5 Email Accounts. The guide to use of technology just might need some chapters re-written. Intend is no longer to maximize its usage. We are losing focus on where to draw the line. Skills are being easily learned but qualities of tasks being carried out is getting questionable. A post on facebook is sufficient to make someone a writer of the masses. Instagram is the new norm to decide how good is the taste of fashion of any individual. Visionaries like Musk are inventing things which might be used for entirely different purposes. Driverless cars if manhandled could lead to accidents with no culprits involved. Dark times might welcome us ahead.

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