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Thanks sir for a wonderful article. I appreciate how you critically analysed a major budding megatrend- artificial intelligence. The article also displays your commendable sense of humour. I agree with your point of view that artificial intelligence, automation, and the internet of things will snatch away employment from many but this effect would be short term. Looking how the mankind has evolved over last 200 years, humans have tried to simplify things for his benefits but it has ultimately led to the generation of more and more jobs. The invention of a machine is one such proof of how mechanisation over the time has increased and it has been complemented by the creation of more jobs in other sectors and industries. One would have argued about the loss of job of various farmers after the invention of tractors and its usage on agriculture fields but eventually, it opened new better avenues for those farmers to work in and raised their living standards. We can thus safely infer that with discoveries of new technologies, new avenues for employment should open. I think that looking at the downside of automation we should not forget the benefits that would follow. Don’t we remember how the workers during the industrial revolution era were treated, people at that time couldn’t have imagined of the quality of lifestyle with which we live. This was made possible by the improvements in technology and automation. There may also be time, a few years from now when our grandchildren will think same about us and pity our lifestyle. As the number of driverless cars increases, human intervention on road traffic will decrease leading to a plunge in accidents and loss of lives. Life will become even simpler with the internet of things and humans will reach a yet another height of prosperity. With the majority of the work being done by machines, working hours would drastically reduce. Humans will get to spend more quality time on herself/himself and with her/his family. We will get some time to come out of our present soul-less lives to search our soul and finally live the gift called ‘Life’ It is true that control of many things including our lives will get transferred over to machines. Coincidently, this era has been correctly termed as ‘Kalyug’ in Hindu Mythology which means the era of machines. However, we should not forget that creators are the ultimate masters, Machines will always remain slaves and humankind their masters. Considering all the positives, it is imperative to note the caveats you mentioned. We could see from the example of one of the biggest technology breakthrough of the century- smartphones, though it was meant to bring people closer, it has distanced them somehow. Technological advancement is inevitable, it would be interesting to see how mankind will overcome such obstacles.

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