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We have come a long way from being nomads to successfully landing a rocket on Earth (done by a SPACEX owned by Elon Musk). This has been made possible by the very nature of human beings to not get satisfied and strive for a better future. And we have always observed that any change has a cost and it boils down to a trade off between what you get and what you leave. I think it would be unfair to question the very nature that has brought us here and base our judgement on actions of a few. However, we, as a species are at a juncture where we have to be very careful about where we are headed. The continuous marathon of automation that we are witnessing today has to be observed very closely because it could have serious implications. Remember the joy of taking a long drive on a lonely highway or through the winding roads of a hill station after a rainy day- yes this could become a history. And this is what we should fear for, the very things we enjoy getting replaced by a mechanical life. What we need today are responsible innovations and solutions not just because we can do them but because we need them. This means refraining ourselves from what will make us redundant as the author rightly mentioned.

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