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Dear Sir, I completely agree with your take in the article. While the whole world is going gaga over driverless cars and all such technological advancement, in reality we are indeed moving to a soulless life. The satire in your article depicts the sad part of the technological advancement. Sadly, it is becoming a reality of life. I agree that we are moving towards an automated society where we will reach a point where we won’t have any control over it. Automation & technology in a way is killing our brain and making us brainless humans. It saddens me to the core that our future generations will be part of this soulless life where they will not experience the thrill of driving the car, their friendship will be limited to social network, and they will miss the little pleasures of doing things without the use of technology. There is another harsh dimension to problem of technological advancement & automation. Being a citizen of a densely populated country, the thought of automation scares me. With over several million of our population being unemployed we don’t need automation which will push us over the edge. Driving is a way of life for several auto and cab drivers in the country. They earn their daily bread and butter from it. Won’t the concept of driverless car put them out of employment? Automation must be a boon for scarcely populated countries where they have lack of resources but in India it will certainly prove a curse.

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