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Evidently, since past, technology and automation have decimated entire industries – and generated new ones. The number of jobs eliminated has far outnumbered the new job opportunities created by technology and automation. The fear that automation would lead to the demise of mass employment had always been there and it still apparently exists. Today, technology may be ready for automation completely, but are we ready? Well said in the article that “technology can offer us options”. It is up to us to comprehend what makes sense, what value it adds or what value it eliminates. Undoubtedly, if it augments value in terms of ROI and margins, we tag it as innovation but, unknowingly though unfortunately, we disregard the value it eradicates, specifically by coercing mass unemployment. While projecting the remunerations of technology and automation to any industry, one must fathom foremost, whether the boom one is designing for industry poses any potential menace to the life we are actually trying to make easier or to the society we live in! The supplement of technology should be towards societal growth as a whole and not limited to the ones who only desire to improve their margins- can be called as eliminators (in need of eliminating drivers, pilots, workers, i.e. eliminating jobs as a whole). Otherwise, the bridge between these margin seeking investors and the unemployed masses will broaden even more as the masses will no longer be left with any capital to spend. In order to sustain technology in harmony with all facets of societal human race, limiting the application of an available technology for the greater good is essential. Technology is a bane is not what I mean here; rather the application of automation should be thoughtful. The emphasis should be towards enhancing employment, Re-Skilling people instead of shutting down the development and growth of masses in need. As technology promoters it should be incumbent upon us to not allow technology to exceed our humanity. Let’s not desire the things which will ultimately destroy us in the end driving us into a mechanical world.

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