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A thought awakening article. Writer has rendered his antiseptic future dystopia in a subtle way and has made a good use of pun to highlight the unanticipated consequences of technology. It is very saddening to know the level of technological advancement and automation happening around the world will soon lead us in an emotionless, detached and mechanical world and is also making us dumber. I have read many articles centering around the same topic and i also recall a TV anthology series "Black Mirror" made on this subject. Incorporating human skills into a machine – called “blackboxing” . Putting the expertise in the machine lowers the barriers to entry for doing something because the person does not need to know as much. Taking a simple example- with automated blood monitor instruments it has made it redundant for people to learn the method of taking blood pressure. Automation is in a way killing our brain and making us slave to machinery. There should be a balance between automation and manual process. It should be done to the degree that it does not start affecting people's life negatively.

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