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I have always believed that the current form of economy and civilization is just a mere watering hole in the vast desert we are trying to cross to a destination which we have no idea about. We could argue about staying in the watering hole comfortable with our current way of life. But, what if the nomads had thought about it before they took up farming or what if James Watt had been a tad too comfortable with the way the world was and felt bad about removing the jobs of horse carriage drivers and horse breeders or even more worse what if he decided to showcase it to the world 20 years later. The solution is to Re-Skill our people and not put a cap on Development. Why put waste to a unique skill which has been mastered into perfection against all odds in this huge chaotic universe. Why do you want to stop imagination and the thought of moving forward? Isn't that what made us humans in the first place? The Focus should be on the free flow of information enabling humans adapt and move forward as a single entity and not on regulations to protect the current way of life.

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