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Nicely said madam, It was still fresh in my mind what he learned just two days back It has helped me to set my perception in right direction And I really appreciate it. Earlier I struggled to communicate during short time sudden conversations. But lecture & article have enlighten my thought process towards entire scenario. And I realized its advantages when I will be back in my corporate life, it will be helping me in meetings with clients or colleagues or senior management. I am considering that feeling the gap between intent & impact is going to be a building a bridge between those two. Lecture & article have shown me the importance of these bridge as intent without proper effective impact is useless. After this knowledge & when I look back I am realizing all those incidents where I was taking more time than normal while explaining things to the others during meetings or discussions. I realizes one by one how I was mistaking during those conversations. Though personally I believed in pro-active communication my discussion without proper direction or impact have less effective & Left me wondering where I was lagging & I certainly think that I am going to get positive results after once I practice of building this bridge. I would rather say it’s going to be one of the advices which I do not want to forget in future & practice it with my 100 % efforts. ‘Asking for feedback at right moment & with right intension for understanding the right impact’ is an anther thing which I found good. It’s going to help for two way conversation & is going to increase the interpersonal skills, which will eventually lead toward the effective communication. After applying the knowledge received during communication classes I have re-phrased a complain to my telecom service provider about mobile bill & also feel the difference in the approach I am taking and got completely different (positive in all sense) response their team that earlier. Thank you

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