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I am glad that someone has finally talked about it, thought about it. Everyone in this world must have experienced it but I hardly see anyone sharing their views on this subject. I am a victim of this from very long and I still believe that I can only be responsible for what I say, not what the other person understands. Am I right? Or do I need to question my belief? Is it the tone of my voice or my intentions which is important here? I am a person who can never close his lips where I have open my heart, a person who can go a way above and beyond to help and guide the people who matters to him, a person who is very empathic, but still the good intentions are not recognized, and over the years I have noticed that the reason is the none other than the bluntness of me expressing my views and at times my aggressive expressions and yes I agree that most of the times I am candid and may sound little harsh. Is the need of the hour for me to be a little deferential? Does the world want me to play the game of hypocrisy even with my closed ones? Or am I being too rational about this issue. Here the answer is neither white nor black, there are things in life which can be grey. Diplomacy and hypocrisy are not the answer here. We should not forget that the main motive is to convey the intention with the same perceive as we do. I think it’s all about playing with the words here. The intentions can be conveyed in a more courteous and polite manner which might be absorbed by the listener in the same wavelength. The feelings are to never hurt anyone but just the wrong phrasing of words and the impertinent tone might change the overall essence of the main purpose. Conveying the same message with more gentility and thoughtfulness will have more positive impact on the listener and the intent will have the desired impact Feedbacks can surely decrease the chance of misconception but asking for it all the time seems little unpragmatic to me. I surely know the solution to reduce this gap but I still believe if the intentions are genuine and they are coming out in flow and emotions they are positive because the intent is positive which is the soul of the main purpose…but this again brings me to the question I want to help…Does this help?

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