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An amazing article to ponder about the various forms of effective communication, and what matters to the listener and what the speaker intends to communicate to the listener. The article might look like a simple read covering a basic framework on communication, but in reality, it covers the most important untouched motive behind communication which is very essential for people to understand and comprehend. Till now we always had an impression that communication is transfer of knowledge or information from one person to another via various platforms, call that online social media platforms or offline ways of communicating. The article acts as an eye opener on some of the dynamics involved in the communication of two people. It not only explains the importance of communication between two people but also how to identify the communication gaps and how they lead to misunderstandings and further create problems leading to ineffective communication. The concept of effective communication can be applied at all stages of life, as a child while talking to your friends, with your family, as an employee, as a manager etc. In every form, two things which are of most importance is the intention and feedback. Both these things will act as a learning tool to improve on our next set of communication which would further help in not only delivering the message but also will minimize the communication gap. The article very well explains how a single line, “ What do you think about it”, might develop so much interest in the minds of the listener that he will be actively listening to the entire thing with a sense of importance and pride. He will get the feeling that his inputs are equally important and the speaker is literally looking forward to listen to them. Even a sense of a negative comment will be taken as a positive message if conveyed in the right manner in the right pitch with the right use of words. The article taught me the importance of developing a relationship with the listener and how it gives the listener a sense of ownership of whatever the speaker is talking about and thus, acting upon it on a positive manner.

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