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Intent-Impact gap is such an important concept to discuss because the mishaps exemplifying this gap happen so often in our day to day life that we hardly even notice it unless someone, either the speaker or the listener, feels absolutely terrible about it. In a convoluted form, this gap lingers when someone tries to crack a joke in a group. It is still alright as long as the joke falls flat but at times a joke offends sentiments. Even if it is not a joke but just a cracker to pull someone’s leg, it can create tensions if the impact it made was not intended. I recollect a similar incidence happening with me very recently. After a tiring day, I came back to my room and called up a friend. I was a little tensed because the task I intended to finish that day was still pending. I was feeling terribly low on confidence and then I shared the same with her that I could not complete the task that I should have submitted by now. To this she replied “Since when have you started doing anything productive in a day” and then she laughed to make sure that she makes her intention clear that the statement is meant to only pull my leg which was same as asking for a feedback on the comment as Ratika Ma’am suggests. Even then it did not land well on me because I was already feeling so low about myself and this statement just tore me into pieces. I hung up quickly got on to the work so that I can fool myself by pretending to do something productive. She felt absolutely terrible about my weird reaction on such a silly thing. Phones create a much larger scope for such an intent-impact gap. If at all my friend had seen my tensed face, she would have refrained from making such a comment or she might have tried to lighten me up saying the same thing in a different way like “Since when have you become so very serious and boring in life, you are not the one who would mind falling a little behind in the rat race”. Though she meant the same when she made that statement. Seldom people intend to hurt someone when they pull legs. I believe with growing maturity, the perception of the intention behind the joke becomes better and accurate. Hence it is very imperative on the part of the listener to not read between the lines when someone cracks a joke on them. But it probably is not as black and white as I say it. A joke when cracked at someone when nobody is around can have an entirely different impact on the listener than when there are people around. Hence it is even more imperative on the speaker’s part to gauge and sense the situation before taking a crack at the joke. But then, being extra careful while speaking, sucks the essence out of the conversation in an informal setup. Hence, I think it all depends on how as a person you are perceived because perception of the intention of a statement is aided by how the speaker is looked upon as. To summarize, probably if we are good and authentic our words are more likely to have the same impact what we intended

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