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I really like the concept of intention and impact gap, and how simplistically ma'am has given the solution. Because while there are billions of people who are ready to help or suggest, there are hardly a few who actually think whether their help will actually have any impact or whether their message is really conveyed. There was an incident which recently happened with me. As part of our business communication course, we had given the assignment to write an essay on a life changing moment of our life. Everyone in my class was busy in writing or getting their essay reviewed from the every-other peer, and one of my friends came to me for the same. He had written about his Kashmir trip and the situations he faced during his journey. The essay had really good content with situations where he was faced with life and death situations and there was involvement of Indian Army, Terrorist group and what not. But the essay lagged in its structure. For an instance, I felt like telling him I expected more from him, but I paused for a while because it might not have any outcome instead it could have other implications, i.e he may feel I am judging him or so. And since he is my friend, I had to tell him in a way, which as Ma’am has already mentioned, I care for what he has written, and if he conveys what he wants to write effectively, he has a really good chance to stand out. Hence I couldn't handle the situation and ended up saying "since none of us are that experts in essay writing, we can check it together. We sat together for about 30mins to an hour and fixed most of the issues. I knew this is something which I cannot do every time when someone comes to me, so since then I was wondering how a person effectively conveys a suggestion without affecting his or her relationship, and this blog is something which really helped me understand this.

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